Keller Williams Realty Northeast Launches M.O.V.E. Powered by Never Ending Referrals Program

Keller Williams Realty Northeast MOVE Powered by Never Ending Referrals

Keller Williams Realty Northeast Focuses on Building Productive Agents and Careers Worth Having

Keller Williams Realty Northeast is focused on what has been called the 3% crisis in the real estate industry, or rather the 97% opportunity that exists for real estate agents that focus on developing and working a great database. The 3% crisis came about after many mastermind sessions with some of the top real estate agents in the country. What was found through extensive interviews and research is that only 3% of the top agents in the country are committed to database development and production. This in turn creates a 97% opportunity for real estate agents that are willing to change and create new and powerful database habits.

The program that recently launched at Keller Williams Realty Northeast to focus on the 97% opportunity is M.O.V.E. Powered by Never Ending Referrals. M.O.V.E. stands for Massive Overwhelming Value Experience. Never Ending Referrals is a MAPS Coaching program offered currently over the phone in a group setting that has been redesigned to bring into the local market centers. With a combination of nationally broadcasted webinars and local labs, M.O.V.E. powered by Never Ending Referrals will change the business and thus the lives of the real estate agents that choose to engage in the program. Each week, the group meets in addition to the webinar and lab for a power day. This is a day that agents gather to make their phone calls and work on their databases.

Are you receiving this type of support and training in your real estate office? Does your leadership provide you the training, systems and tools like M.O.V.E. to help you grow your business? If you are not getting this type of information and training, I encourage you to reach out to me for a business consultation. You owe it to yourself and family to be affiliated with a brokerage that offers world-class training and business development. Call me today at 281-387-7689 to schedule a confidential business consultation.

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