What Tapes Are You Listening to in Your Real Estate Business?

Real Estate Business Mindset Cassette Tape

What Tapes are You Listening to in Your Real Estate Business?

Today I was fortunate to participate in a training with over 200 Keller Williams agents from the Greater Houston area led by KW Master Faculty and Mega Agent, Gene Rivers. The event was Quantum Leap. To describe Quantum Leap as a class about living a big life as opposed to a\your typical real estate training would be an understatement. What Gene got the agents in the room to understand is that life is short, play BIG and don’t be subject to the tapes playing in your mind that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

We all have tapes playing in our heads from our parents, friends, co-workers, mentors, coaches, and others that have influenced or crossed our path in life. Some of these tapes have positive messages that inspire and move you toward achieving your potential, while other tapes keep you comfortable with staying on the sidelines of life. What tape and message are you subjecting yourself to in both your business and life? The only way you are going to change your current behavior and maximize your potential is to ensure you have the right tape playing in your mind.

Who have you surrounded yourself with in your life and business?

Gene Rivers talked about research on how your income is often determined by the average income of the 7 closest people in your life. Try it, and I think you will find the results to be interesting. Are you hanging out with people that are BIG thinkers, that have the same aspirations to grow to and beyond their potentials?

In the real estate world, what type of company have you affiliated with, and who is the top producer? If the top agent in your brokerage closed $8,000,000 in closed volume, then the ceiling of thinking is $8,000,000 in closed production. How do you expect to grow? What is your plan to extend beyond that thinking ceiling?

I have personally been blessed in my business life to be on a leadership team that led a Mega team that produced over a billion dollars in closed sales. I have personally worked and learned from agents that close over $100,000,000 in sales a year. What does that do for the agents I lead? It gives me the opportunity to lead, guide, consult, coach, train and have high level business conversations to help agents achieve massive results.

Have you surrounded yourself with the right people? Are they giving you tapes (limited by their experience level) that are actually preventing you from reaching your potential?

If you are a licensed real estate agent in the Northeast Houston area, and you know that where you are limits your potential, or you just are not getting the right tapes to lead you to success, call me today to have a high level business conversation about how and why Keller Williams Realty Northeast is the company of choice for real estate agents in the Northeast Houston area. I can be reached on my personal cell at 281-387-7689 or email jeremyw@kw.com.

You owe it to yourself and family to know all the opportunities that are available to you as a business owner. Call me today, and let’s talk about helping you reach your potential.

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