Texas Real Estate Schools

One of the first things you will need to do before jump starting your real estate career is to register for real estate school. Real estate school will prepare you for the salesperson licensing exam, and a license held by a broker is required before you can practice real estate. What you will experience from the licensing courses is that they prepare you only for the test to license, and not for the business. Your goal should be to move through these quickly so that you can start your real estate business with a learning based company like Keller Williams Realty Northeast.

The regulating body for the real estate salesperson license in Texas is the Texas Real Estate Commission, TREC. Our recommendation is to review the requirements for a salesperson license on the TREC website, and consult with a real estate school counselor prior to signing up for classes.

To take advantage of the  discount offered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast on real estate courses for licensing through the Texas Institute of Real Estate, follow these simple steps. (Wayne Morgan is the Co-founder and CEO of The Texas Institute of Real Estate)

  1. Contact Jeremy Williams, Team Leader and Real Estate Business Coach at 281-812-8245 to set an appointment to meet at the market center. Appointments are available Monday – Friday during office hours.
  2. Complete a sponsorship form providing “proof of meeting” to the Texas Institute of Real Estate. Our Director of Operations will email the Texas Institute of Real Estate the sponsorship form the same day of your appointment with Keller Williams Realty Northeast. You will be copied on this email.
  3. Within 24 – 48 hours you will be contacted by the Texas Institute of Real Estate via email with the discount code so you can begin your classes.
  4. All classes are online, and you must complete the courses in 90 days from payment.

Contact me for more information about local real estate schools that offer classroom, correspondence, and online courses by clicking on Apply Now in the sidebar.

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